As a design firm, we are always seeing new fabrics, new rugs, and new accessories. Dreaming is what we do. We envision and create an image in our minds of how a room or a project should look. Because most folks cannot visualize the outcome, we have a big job sharing that vision. I believe we do that job well. With a team of five designers, it is easy for us to come up with innovative ideas constantly. It is the creative side of us that takes us to the next level. Fabrics, furnishings, and light fixtures are all an essential part of updating a house. We first start with these items when our clients say they want an uplift to their home. Fabrics bring color and we often add new area rugs and pillows to add color. Artwork is our favorite add on for a room. Dreams that are within reach is something that you can accomplish with our assistance. As the premier design firm in the area for the last 25 years, we have completed so many upgrades, renovations, and remodels for our very discerning clients that we get most of our new clients just through word-of-mouth referrals.