When we started with a client that lives in a Low Country home a few years ago, we conceptualized the finished look.  It is a dream home that anyone would appreciate; it is pure magic, and the sounds of her house are as romantic as the feeling of her home. 

 We used her existing wood dining furniture and painted the chairs cream and covered them in a coordinating fabric.  The room is very large and the solution was to create three sections.  The middle has the TV grouping of two sofas and a center ottoman.  Each section is grounded by rugs we ordered specifically and sized.  For the end section closest to the back porch, we ordered rattan chairs that are simply beautiful.  We created a rod that fit the entire wall for panels of geometric and animal print neutral fabric for the window treatments that enhanced the warmth of the room.   

It is a work in progress, but it is always so exciting to see the finished product coming together.


Dining area and rug Dining area Dining Table Seating Area in progress TV area TV Seating area