We are totally involved in fulfilling our client’s needs, which includes traveling to find unique paintings, accents, rugs, and fabrics. Fabrics have become so important in each and everything we do as designers. The world is changing and so are our clients. With the busy lives of families, they don’t want to worry about covering their furniture for children and pets. While dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals are cohabitating with the family, durable fabrics are a must for furniture, bedding, and window treatments.

We searched from High Point to Atlanta for beautiful fabrics that will sustain the abuse of children and animals. We discovered that we have a neighbor manufacturing plant based here in the Piedmont that makes the fabrics we were looking for. We cover ottomans, barstools, kitchen chairs, and sofas with these durable fabrics.

Our clients have worried about their pets getting on their furniture for many years. Some clients want to have older pieces reupholstered with this durable fabric. Children with popsicles and chocolate and pets with muddy paws are a few of the reasons our furniture needs protection.

What if our clients no longer had to worry about upholstered furniture being ruined? We all love our children and our pets, and they want to be close to us. We can take your worries away by using the right fabric.

Sunbrella is known for its durable, weather-resistant outdoor fabrics, but most people don’t know they make incredible, soft and inviting textures for indoors. These fabrics are suitable for commercial use and are used by hotel chains and also Disney World, so you know they will hold up in your home.

Our Sunbrella fabric cushions can be removed and washed. When has this ever been available for the homeowner and their pets? The textile market and designers are beginning to understand how we enjoy our everyday lives with our loved ones. Visit our showroom and design center to see some of the beautiful Sunbrella fabrics available!



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