We are being bombarded with performance fabrics and it is being asked for by all of our clients.  Performance fabrics could mean Sunbrella fabrics, Crypton fabrics, and those just called Performance fabrics.  All our upholstery manufacturers are offering a variety of colors and styles in the above listed names.   Performance comes with the words stain-resistant.   Most Performance fabrics are tried and true with the past years of fabrics holding up to the outdoor extremities.  Sunbrella is a fabric that can be scrubbed and washed in the washing machine.  The tried and true Sunbrella fabrics brought about the need for others.  Crypton fabrics have been used for years in the medical industry, and in fact, where there is blood involved, it is a requirement (code).     We like to educate our clients on these products, especially if they have animals and children.  Everyone knows animals have accidents and so do children.  In my house, adults do too, which means me.   The other benefits to these magical fabrics are that they are fade resistant.   Education for designers and stores are normally offered at the furniture markets and by our sales representation with our manufacturers that we purchase materials and furniture from.  We have a white sofa made from Crypton fabrics in our store to show clients the comfort and durability, so they can see for themselves.    We love to see new products coming into our store and design firm.   Seeing all the patterns that Performance fabrics are offering is like Christmas.  Changes happening in the home furnishings industry are as inevitable as technology.