We try to educate our clients on what is an added asset purchase. We work hard to make a presentation esthetically acceptable as to where their money is best spent. If a client is not fond of a presentation, it can easily be changed. We start with a comprehensive intake to learn about the client’s lifestyle and, if possible, their design preferences. Clients do not always know their style. They can usually say if they like a piece of furniture or fabric we show them, but not a particular style. We are big on asking a range of questions about color, fabric patterns, and objects such as accessories. It is a terrific way to get to know your client and figure out where to start when pulling the project together. We have a certain style at JDI, but we are open to modifying it. We will present a design concept that we know will resonate. Every client is different, and we typically get what they are envisioning. Our client from Wilmington tells us all the time that we get her. We, of course, love hearing these words. With most client’s projects, we typically present two concepts. We also provide turnkey services. We order the product that we agree upon, track it, return it if there is damage, and oversee all the relative facts. Most of our clients love that we come with the delivery and handle everything and anything. Placing the furniture, placing the pillows, and brushing out the wrinkles. It is both project and procurement management. When clients order with us, it is an added asset for them. We appreciate our clients and making them happy. Educating them is part of it. I have been educating my daughter since she was little. She told me recently that I am in her head all the time when she makes decisions.