Elegance is an Art that meets Casual. It is easier to achieve the farmhouse style with so much of the market saturating magazines and social media. Designers also put their spin on styles with their names on products that show up when resourcing. But every style eventually loses some excitement and flavor. We are seeing some peeps of elegance with wonderful happy colors as well. Traditional is making a comeback, but with an edge on it. I see what I call a good old Southern Plantation Style showing up at markets and homes all around NC and even Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Good classic designs never go out of style and it is always refreshing to see beautifully designed spaces using a mix of modern fabrics with family heirloom furniture. Vintage is popular as well and you know that by all the pop-up vintage stores close by to our store. I will stop one of these days at these locations because antiques and vintage is close to my heart. I just finished my own kitchen remodel where I used my family antiques and vintage rugs but edged it with a more modern appeal of cabinets and lighting. I used gold accents, hardware for the cabinets, lighting fixtures, plumbing, and accents. I am waiting on a geometric gold mirror to fill a large space over an antique bench. I love marrying old and new. New cabinets and new lighting, with other old accents, were used in my kitchen. I love what I see coming together. It also works with the rest of my house. Some of you know that I like to make the houses we design feel like it is cohesive throughout. You can do that with mixing textures and hues. Textures are important. Textiles, rugs, finishes, flooring, style, and content all matter. Gold has such a warm hue to mix with stark whites. It adds the flavor of warmth without much effort. We even added the gold package for the knobs and handle to our gas slide in range. Nice accent. My kitchen has an elegance to it and just a few products make that happen. Elegance meets casual.