Most design theories have been thought of in the past tense and crafted through a form of inspiration.   For me, I like to revisit the masterpieces from England, France, Italy and Germany.   Classics today have been cleaned up and feel different than they did 30 years ago.   I am always using the phrase “juxtapose the old with the new”, which I do all the time with most of our clients and especially in my own home.

With me, I have collected so many antiques over the years.  The more up-to-date fabrics and artwork that I use bring a newness to the antiques.  I particularly love antique washed rugs and lighter rugs, as well.   Originality is important with each of the homes we design.   For instance, one of our client’s teenage girl likes words of affirmation, so we are creating something special for her room with positive assurances.  Sometimes we add a whimsical twist to the room that may be classic in feel with both the furniture and style.   Monotones for some people can be boring and yet for others it is comfortable, so you must find that balance with every client you are supporting.

Now for that special young lady, she really likes teal, hence a textured mix of blues and greens and whimsical art, including new lamps, furniture, window treatments, mirrors, paint and lighting will be balanced with the color of teal for her bedroom.    The eye-catching art of inspirational words will be unique and current.    I look forward to finishing her room with a style that will last until college.   Embracing the future and juxtaposing the past will make this teenage girl’s room unique.  I can’t wait to finish and see the result.