Knowing your clients will help determine what to start with for their homes. The style most desired by our clients tends to be transitional. Transitional is a mix of styles: traditional and contemporary. Modern fabrics and artwork with traditional furniture lines. It is not hard to mix these two styles. When we meet, we start with our list of questions to understand how our clients want to use their existing home or a new home that we will be working with them on. Fresh paint, new artwork, new fabrics, and adding a dose of character is what we do. Creating a calm yet elevated style is our signature design. Look at your surroundings to see what inspires you. Sometimes it could be natural wildflowers or a lake filled with ducks that prompts you to visualize colors and a theme. Taking the surroundings into consideration is what prompts us to use the contents of the house. High-performance fabrics are suggested if there is a lake. Most clients want low maintenance upkeep these days. Children, dogs, the environment, and other surroundings dictate the durability of the furnishings needed. There are indoor/outdoor rugs readily available. If needed, we recommend those. For the homes we design and decorate, we aim to make them feel like they are collected as well as warm and inviting.