Entertaining and design go hand and hand. One complements the other. The ambiance is the key. It is the one thing you can control. Create the mood with lighting, and candlelight, and have dinner under the stars. Flickering votives, pendants on dimmers, or moonlight flameless pillars all create ambiance. Yet many people dismiss it, ignore it, and forget it. Make ambiance the first on your list and you will be ahead of the game all the way through your entertaining event. You can check it off your long list. View the spaces for your event. It can be the dining room or maybe the outside venue. The picture-perfect evening may not happen so be prepared to replace it with other ideas on the backburner. For the decorative aspect of entertaining, I love contrasting white as my reflective color. Create a simple centerpiece. A wide-mouth clear vase with white stem flowers or white budding branches will work along with other accessories to add either color or additional white. I love mixing texture with white to make the table appear dimensional. Next on the list has to do with the food, so keep a well-stocked pantry. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Having extra hands to help can go a long way for a stress-free evening. Remember everyone looks better in candlelight. You can have a party and be the talk of the town by keeping in mind that Entertaining and Design go together.