Have you thought about the fall that is right around the corner and what you might do to freshen up your home?  In the design world, we call it re-vamp, re-furbish, re-finish, etc.   All of those words mean the same thing, to spruce up your home.    It does not mean you need to spend a fortune, but it does mean purchasing a few new things to add to what you have or change what you have for your fall décor.  Fall indicates a change of color for the seasons.  For us at the foothills of the mountains, it means foliage for trees turn yellow, orange, red, and sometimes multiples of these.  Then comes Halloween, which still incorporates the colors of the season but add a few pumpkins and you are set to go.   For me, I start thinking of what I can cook that incorporates some cinnamon, pumpkin, or apples.    For example, pumpkin spice bread sounds good!   Either way, décor can be fun when it comes to entertaining for your guests.   Also, football comes to mind for the fall season.  I think football has already started, so therefore, the entertaining probably has begun in some homes.

What brought me to this subject was my first appointment this morning in a town close to Elkin.  There were enough mountains to feel the fresh air and changes in the air.  Although it was only an hour away, it felt different.  To get to the client’s home, I had to go up hills.  I could see the mountains from a distance when going up the hill.  Entertaining came to my mind, and since I had an hour to think about it, I envisioned what I would be doing for the fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas seasons on my way home.  Have you thought about it?   Pillows, table runners, pumpkins, flowers, and maybe dishes could be a start for your fall change.