Market is always a whirlwind, and I like to bring back my interpretation to my readers and clients.  This year’s designs, from every showroom, were geared toward bright colors, mixed metals, gilded golds, performance fabrics, and soft elegance.  The High Point Market is all about what we might see in a year or two, but for us it is refreshing.   Honestly, market is the inspiration for our thoughts and conceptualization of new projects.    Inspiration and innovation are the keys to every designer’s creation.   Having a multitude of both during the High Point and Atlanta markets, as well as being lucky enough to go, is so helpful to us.  Two people seeing the same thing though may perceive them differently.  It is how our creative minds perceive what we see and what we absorb.
We also peruse the furniture to see what is new in design, what is comfortable, and what finishes are offered from each manufacturer.   Rugs are always on our list to investigate and we never forget lighting.   Art is also important to complete any room.  We love the local artists’ work that we have in our showroom, but we also look for what the art groups are bringing forth for us.  We keep accessories and bedding options in our showroom to select from, as well as lots of lamps.  To have everything at one’s beckon call is so important for designers alike.  We research everything to obtain several options when putting rooms together for clients.
The colors most noticed were teal / blue, from light to dark.  Blue seems to hang around year after year.    Styles ranged from modern farmhouse to cottage traditional.  Modern has a twist to it this year from urban to mid-century.
So whatever style you like, we can find furnishings for your home.

God Bless,