What is your story?   Sharing the history of your home is only natural.  That is why our design firm is here, to help clients achieve their story.  As the holidays are ending and family is leaving, I realized that a lot of my own story is about hospitality.  Hospitality is about making people who arrive somewhere other than their home feel at home.  I worked all year long, scheduling and planning, to get my own house painted on the main floor for my children to visit during the holidays.  That included redoing the ceilings and the trim work.  As we all know, living in the house while work is being done is also not easy.  We are part of homes being renovated all the time, but we get to go home and do not have to live in it.  So, it was an eye-opening chaos for about six months for me.  You must move rooms around and then move everything back.  Then you start all over again with the moving to get another room painted.  You have probably figured out that my story for this year was to repaint my home’s interior.  It has been l5 years since we re-painted.  Now my home is fresh.  I love to tell the story of my home where I also selected new light colors.   When you have been in your home l0-15 years, your home starts looking tired.  The best thing you can do for your home and your story is to paint.  Paint changes everything and re-freshens.  Let us help you tell your story.