If the first curtains were blankets tacked to windows, rods and rings weren’t far behind.  From about l650, the most important European rooms had paired curtains hanging from rings on poles, though many windows were left bare until the 1800’s, when industrialization made curtains affordable.  Napoleon’s troops fashioned poles as spears—with finials like spearheads; classicists favor fine carving.  Modernists go for unpretentious metal.  Rods and rings are workhorses that suite any interior. 

For today’s window treatments, we sometimes suggest only shutters, other time duettes and others blinds and curtains.  It all depends on privacy issues, sun control and aesthetics.  The most popular fabrics for the current time frame are linen/cotton, silk/cotton, and blends of canvas type fabrics.  The linens often are printed and sometimes the silks are printed.  You will see in magazines the option to add banding of geometric designs or solid colors for accenting possibly the color in your room.  

Valances are not as popular, but recently we have seen a surge in cornices.  More than likely the comeback of cornices is due to people are choosing cleaning lines or more transitional furnishings for their homes. 


All of us at June DeLugas Interiors are designers equipped to design your window treatment options. 

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