It seems to me that our clients are interested in making smarter choices when it comes to purchasing items for their home.  They are also looking for expert advice and opinions, which has worked well for my store in Clemmons.  We have designers on staff who can answer most questions relative to your home, whether it’s about carpet, window treatments, rugs, accessories, lamps, bedding, or furniture.  Sometimes the questions are about placement of furnishings they already have or what paint color should they use.  It does not matter what question a customer may have, we normally have a solution.   

Luckily we have lots and lots of continually changing inventory for our customers to touch and feel or try out in their homes.  We think the consumer is feeling better about asking for Expert Advice.  Here are a few photos from clients who sought our advice.

Bedroom Buffet Dining Dining-Room Great Room Living Room