Most of you know that we love to mix styles and especially these days most are seeing the mix in magazines and the internet.  At one time this style was called eclectic.   But these days most designers claim to meld and blend styles together.  We love to take what one has and make it feel like they get a chance with some updated furnishings.  Paint, Artwork, and lighting are great ways to make your home feel updated.  There are times our clients want to leave the old behind and start over.  Recently, we were given a new project to completely furnish a second home which is a townhome.  We went to work, drew CAD plans, pulled furnishings, fabrics, rugs, lighting, window fashions, wallpaper, and textural accessories.   We were not involved in designing the actual new home house plan.   Although, we love working on the actual architectural design whenever possible.  We are lucky to be exposed to all kinds of design, construction, furniture, colors, finishes and the list goes on.   Expertly Mixed can be understood in many ways, new, mixing, remodeling and styles.