What some would call eye candy for their home, others will call necessities. I find myself using the term with much endearment. Focus points, such as a wallpaper accent wall, artwork for the mantle, or something spectacular that everyone notices are generally the definition for “eye candy.” Most designers love fabrics and find ways to utilize beautiful fabrics which they consider eye candy. Art over a sofa with loads of one-of-a-kind pillows can be the entire eye candy for your room. Of course, there is a lot to be said for balancing great pieces around a room. For instance, if you have beautiful pillows on your neutral sofa and a great painting, window curtains with great trim, bookshelves loaded with balancing treasures can also add to balance for a room. All are important. I finished my kitchen earlier this year and I’m still trying to find the perfect fabric to balance my breakfast room with the unique vintage rug we picked up along the way. It is not easy because the rug has a strong color. I found huge 24 x 48-inch light stone tiles for the floor and finally for what I call eye candy, I found a quartzite in sea pearl, which has some blue linear veins for the counters. The stone tile fills 650 square feet since it is also in the breakfast room and the laundry room leading to the kitchen. Because of the light floor and light cabinets and the rug drama, I feel I need curtains to balance the space. We feel lucky that we can help clients with our talent to do these things. We just know. We have several good designers on staff if you need help.

If you only have one piece of eye candy, it is a start for us. We can envision an artful room with almost anything as the inspiration. We can also find that eye candy for you. What do you have lurking in a closet or under the bed that we can revitalize a room for you that would be your Eye Candy?

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