For many years, we have offered turn-key remodeling.  We take the burden out of client’s worries.  We start with a plan.  We offer CAD drawings of the space to look at several options, therefore, accomplishing what the client wants.  Most of the time, it is rearranging space to work more efficiently.  Also, updating tile, cabinets, and lighting is included in our plans.  Our contractor loves the fact that he does the physical labor and we deliver all the products to the house. He just follows our drawing and can give his subcontractors our drawings. Easy and less stress for the client.  We lay it out, meet with the clients at our retail space and studio in Clemmons, and get the approval from them.  We also select the paint colors, hardware for cabinets, and the grout colors.  Some of our clients have told us that when they got down to the finite details, their heads starting spinning.    For us, it is so easy.  We do it all the time.  We keep up with the latest trends and know how to keep the houses we design classic and timeless.    Sometimes clients want what they see on the internet, not realizing that the geometric tile will go out in a few years, which is an expensive investment.  Currently, farmhouses are very popular, but the styles range from modern farmhouse to chic farmhouse, urban farmhouse to old like your grandma’s farmhouse.  There is a lot of lighting geared towards these styles on the market today.   When helping clients, they have so many styles they have seen online somewhere that they like, it is even hard for me to help them marry the many varieties of styles into one house.     But that is what we are here for.  To help the client achieve their goals and get the job done!