I have been in the mood to talk about fabrics because we love them so much.   It is such a big part of our lives.  We typically start with the rug, move to the fabrics for the sofa, then the chairs, pillows, and window treatment fabrics.  It is easy to find pillow fabrics.  It is harder to find rugs that work and the sizing you need.  But we can start with fabrics, if we need to, and make the rugs we need in almost any color.  Design is a tricky thing.  Pulling a house together is what we do well.  We like to create timeless finishes and looks.  Classic simple lines and great subdued fabrics for the sofa are the best way to start with a large piece.  Now if you have children, you might want to think about something in a color, like maybe blue. The performance fabrics are a great way to go if you want light.  But, with the performance fabrics, the range is large.  Patterns of chevron, tweet, or herringbone are great choices for the neutrals.  That also allows you to use color on the chairs, if you want color that will coordinate with the pillows.  We can draw a CAD, lay out the best flow of traffic, and create the sizes needed to fit the space.  Now sometimes you might have a room with more doors than you prefer, but typically we float those pieces away from the walls and create a path behind the set up.   We love a challenge.  We can find spots to put extra side chairs in those kinds of instances.  So, the point being, we have the trained eye to give you the best look.

Excitement explodes when we receive new fabrics into our store.  We all cannot wait to get our hands on them to see what is new.  What is your favorite fabric and design—Tribal, Traditional, Modern, Vintage?   I have always loved textiles.  Find something you like about textiles.  Touch them, feel them, admire them, because most are pieces of art.



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