With our twofold design firm and retail store, we order mega fabric samples for projects and strategic planning.  When the samples come in, we are like kids in a candy shop.  Most of our fabric companies color code their books, so it is easier to research when you are looking for a specific color.  The same applies with our upholstery companies.  We group their colors together on our racks.  Blues, greens, neutrals, teals, corals, etc.   When we meet with a customer, we try to learn what their personalities are and what they are looking for.  We have questions we generally ask them.  The more information we can gather, the better job we can do to put together a comfortable and good look for their home.  For paint colors, we like to go out to the home to view how the light affects the inside.  Whether it is a sunny house or a darker house, we need to understand the light.  Sometimes, it is just a matter of trees that block the sun.  But either way, it is important to consider all aspects of the home before selecting a color.  Fabrics coming in for the spring season are fresh and simply beautiful.  Greens are being added back to the spectrum that once was loved.  All it takes is inspiration, whether it is a fabric, rug, or a painting in a home.  Sometimes, just riding in the car and visually seeing the color of nature will inspire us with a theme.  Going to furniture markets is ever so inspiring, especially when we see our favorite showrooms come to life with all the new designs and colors.  It does take an army to keep up with the changes, but we manage to do it between going to Atlanta and High Point.   A library of fabrics and paint colors are essential to color design.