It was so nice going to the High Point Market after several seasons of closing the market due to Covid-19. It is the place where design firms and retail stores learn about new introductions and color. There is so much more that we take away from going to markets. The educational seminars offered are endless. Also, marketing, sales tools, software introductions, and solutions for most businesses in the furniture industry are available. For us, it is also a place to search for timeless treasures for our clients. Anything can turn our heads with a variety of styles seen for our next inspiration. We had an agenda and we hit the road running to see as much as possible. We took photos and concentrated on the client’s needs and our retail store space, as well. We scheduled meetings in advance with our vendors to be efficient with our time. It is both multi-tasking and multi-functional in nature to go to the market.

The colors presented were interesting. Bronze, browns, blues, rusts, and soft colors were everywhere, but then you would turn a corner and bright teal, with every shade of blue is still very popular, along with coral. You really can’t go wrong these days. Most of our clients want timeless so they don’t have to change because of trends with their busy lives. Changing a few pillows or accessories is easy when things are feeling tired. A fresh coat of paint can do that as well. We continue to see antiques coming back and popping up in vintage stores and flea markets. It could be because supply is short and an increase in demand has become an issue. Antiques are still plentiful and can be recycled easily into modern spaces or traditional spaces. It is amazing how many houses we go into that have heirlooms from their parents but are holding onto them for their children. Making the best of any market is a gift we truly appreciate.