Each of the showrooms we visited were invitations from our normal North Carolina made furniture companies. Our group was so excited and so inspired from what we saw that we could not wait to start putting the inspirations together for clients. I have always found market to be educational and exhilarating. Designers do not require much to make them happy; a new chair and a new color will satisfy us for a while until the next market. But we saw much more than that. The colors this year were interesting. Sage green and royal blue velvets were in every showroom, along with copper color pillows, coral red and buttery yellow introductions. Prints galore with every color to coordinate. We could not help but feel enveloped with warmth and we were delighted to move to the next showroom to see their new introductions. Moody’s walls were covered with artwork from the past. Interestingly hung. I studied the art because in my past, I have done wall collages. It has become quite popular again. I felt as if I had stepped back in time, but it was a good feeling. Nostalgia. Markets are exciting and I am looking forward to the 2024 Spring market.