This week at market has been a whirlwind. We try and visit our favorite vendors so we can stay ahead of the curve. Some standouts this market have been the bold use of pattern, from drapery to artwork, pattern was everywhere. In upholstery design neutrals are still the majority, but we are beginning to see more and more saturated colors in upholstery. Along with patterned textiles performance fabrics continue to be a huge trend. One of the best names in the industry, Crypton, is even being manufactured in North Carolina. Popular colors this season are coral, blues, and even reds. Also, many designers featured lots of jewel tones in their lines. We saw plenty of new ways to display art from deep glass shadow boxes to artwork made of glass. Textures off all kinds were used on paintings even metallic gilding. Be sure to watch out for our next blog for more details of our week at the Fall 2016 Furniture Market!