I was watching a TV show recently that explored the excitement surrounding New York Fashion Week. I could not help but notice how similar it was to the excitement that surrounds the upcoming High Point Market. Although I have gone to the market for more years than I would like to admit, I still get excited about seeing fresh ideas and new trends.

Are we all just slaves to fashion? I often get asked, “Where do the trends come from?” There actually is a group that has 7-15 members who meet each year to select the color palette that will be used in the home furnishings industry, the fashion industry…even the automotive industry. This exclusive group, aptly named “The Color Group”, selects the colors we are going to wear, drive, and live in. Before we realize it, we fall victim to their brilliant marketing, and the chosen color combinations become desirable. If you have purchased something yellow and grey, salmon and teal, or brown and chocolate in the past three years, then you have been affected by The Color Group.

Before you think this is such a bad thing, think about what color combinations were popular in the 70s and 90s. Do we really want to be stuck with avocado green and rust, or peach and hunter green forever? I think not. Change is good. If you haven’t changed the fabrics in your home in a decade, it’s time for an update.

This spring promises a new palette of color as well as boasting some favorites that you’ve seen on shelves and magazines for several years. At the upcoming market, vendors are boasting a new crop of yummy upholstery fabrics with bold, warm colors like tangerine, pink and lemon yellow. If you like blue, never fear, shades like robin’s egg are still fashionable as well as denim, navy, periwinkle blue, deep indigo, and teal. Cool gray is still the neutral of choice.

The most exciting thing about fabrics for spring is not just the color, but the textures fabrics add to decor. The first thing one usually does when they see a fabric they’d are drawn to, is to touch the fabric. Wonderful textures like jacquard, nubby wool, and chenille as well as Eco-friendly materials like jute and hemp combine to help create rich, inviting, and intriguing spaces in our homes.

With warm weather on its way, drop by our design center and get inspired to change the interior or exterior of your home. Just as a new outfit makes us feel good and more confident, new colors and fabrics will do the same for your home.