I may have written a few blogs relative to this subject, but it is important before you start on the adventure of redecorating to identify what you are trying to accomplish.   I just finished the furniture market and I can tell you that I love all the exciting new fabrics and overall new styles.  Some make it and some do not, as far as new introductions.  The manufacturers will measure what sells as their guide to what will go into production and what will not.  It has always seemed strange to me when buyers who really are not the trend setters determine the new product that will make it into the retail stores.    But either way, I love looking over and absorbing anything new.   The old fashioned traditional, southern style, modern, cottage, farmhouse, urban, Moroccan, or arts and crafts are no longer the dictators.  It is mixed and eclectic.  Urban came about from apartment living in larger cities and the revamping of the spaces.  For a long time, you would see a lot of the lighting reflecting urban, but I really did not see new lighting, and very little old lighting, that was on the urban side of design.  This is what the market does to us.  It changes overnight and boom – your house is no longer in style.  The market does keep us guessing.  For designers, we focus more on classic, clean, and transitional.    We want you to love your home for a long time.  I am the same way.  If I do something new in my home, I want to love it for years. It has been l5 years for me, and I am just beginning to change due to necessity.   Just like with my clients, I work towards a plan.  Finding my style has been easy when it has not changed much since I was l4 years old.  I love blue, and I can bet you that blue will be in every room in my home in some form or another.   It’s such a timeless color.   It has held out for many years when green completely disappeared for a while.  Green has been finding its way back over the past few years though, but not nearly as impressive as all forms of blue.  Mixing green with blue can be quite impressive.  Think about it.  Finding your style can be as easy as getting some professional help.  Why drive yourself crazy?