When we start a project with our clients, we don’t know where it is going to take us, or them.  A more recent client brought us into their home to view their family space.  They were ready for new curtains, a new rug, and some really updated furnishings.  Furnishings can also include new end tables and new lamps, along with art to complete a room.  At this point, we measure the room and windows for curtains and take photos so that we can lay it all out and work from our notes.

We first create a scaled room drawing so we can select the correct size for the furnishings.  Once we do that, the fun begins with mounds of fabrics and creative ideas of how to use the fabrics.  There are the cleanable, sustainable fabrics for sofas and our signature style of beautiful pillows.  Those little guys can bring out additional colors and can be changed seasonally.  In planning, we select the sofa from the manufacturer that will accommodate the size we need; the vara tilt recliner, ottoman or coffee table, end tables, and lamps.  We finish the scaled plan of furnishings and begin the quest for window treatment fabrics.  We conceptualize the design.  Linen prints, solid linens, and accent tape trims are very popular.

Excitement for the designing women of June DeLugas Interiors is when we get new fabric samples.  Our library is enormous.  If we don’t have it, we can order it.  We are constantly combing libraries from our vendors to find the latest and the greatest.  We love the excitement created around prints, yet sometimes the room calls out for a more transitional solid linen with a bold trim.  We love all of it, because we are here to tell you that it absolutely completes a room, cuts down on noise, and warms and cozies any room.  We love the uncomplicated simple panels.  We simply love fabrics!  It is the candy that feeds a designer’s soul.

If you will look at this home on the left page, the same dining room treatments are still in place fifteen years later (hint hint, June’s dining room).  Blue and White Schumacher fabric, that is timeless, was used.  The blue and white is so transitional that even our modern homes love the bold multiple colors of blue or the softer hues of blue.  You can’t go wrong for a timeless look. In June’s guest room, there is simple linen panels with a bold blue geometric trim.  All of these are timeless and will last for many years.  The classic design will keep you well in the realm of classic and timeless.

Sometimes the reasons are different why clients call us for window treatments.  They may have sun issues or privacy issues.  We analyze their needs and sometimes we recommend a product we sell from Hunter Douglas that is remote controlled.  If you need to pull something up and down every night and morning, we can find a solution.  Remote is the answer in many cases, especially if you prefer to see the outside without interference.   Although, we love shutters, two-inch blinds are more economical.

We promise you that we will not suggest Scarlet O’Hara’s window treatments, which are “Gone with the Wind.”   Simple and elegant is more of a statement these days.

God Bless,