We have started receiving calls from clients to do renovation. Each year we never know which one, baths or kitchens, will win the running race. So far this year, it is kitchens. Our customers that are now planning to stay in their homes have been considering whether to remodel or to sell their home probably for a few years. Kitchens are such a showcase when selling a home, I will go with kitchens as #1 for the salable investment and master baths as second. We design the kitchen and do a turn-key remodel for them, thereby taking all the hard work out of the homeowner’s hands. We do the leg work to find finishes, design and implement. Trends are easy for customers to find on Pinterest or magazines, but we think classic for the long-term investment. Mixing finishes is popular and can be beautiful if blended well. Mixed metal and mixed colors are trending. Pulls for cabinets have gotten larger and more interesting. Pendants over islands come in all styles. Transitional, traditional, modern, artsy, farmhouse and the list go on. Appliances come in many colors these days and our favorite is Blue Star. Our last purchase was for Ocean Blue appliances mixed with gold accents. The cabinets were ivory and wood mix. Quite breathtaking. The kitchen turned out beautiful. The choices are limitless with every aspect of remodeling. Textures, tiles, wood, colors, and style are just the beginning. Think forward for your next project, 2023.