When new clients come to us, we start out with a list of questions to figure out what they envision in their heads.  We ask and they say classic, traditional, modern, or farmhouse.   Just like discovering your personality type, homes are the same way.  The internet, magazines, and what you see on TV doesn’t always correspond.  I can see why most people are confused.   Classic, at one time, was dark wood furniture.  Today’s definition seems to have a different meaning than forty years ago.  Classic today has taken on a whole different meaning of mixing a few wood pieces with painted pieces, metal and glass, fabric headboards, and a grand mixture of textures.   I love textured fabrics and rugs.  These items alone add so much to your décor.  Remember scale, fabrics, and interesting furniture can revitalize a room, too.

We have different ways of trying to figure out one’s personality.   Walking through your house is one of the best ways to get a sense of your personality.  Paint colors and art on the walls can be added to the other items that are needed to complete a design project.  We hope to instill your home with a sense of your character, regardless of the style.   Be true to your style. Fresh and classic will never fail you.