Some people may think of fresh as newly painted and some may think of flowers in a garden that they can pick for their house as fresh.  We love the idea of new fabrics that add to the newly painted house and the versatility of a vase of flowers from the garden.  We are getting fabrics in every day that inspires us to create a brand-new look.  Fabrics are like Christmas around the June DeLugas Studio.  We love to touch them and rub them like they are a new toy.   We call it Christmas when we receive new fabrics.  This year there are so many pretty fabrics with the newest of colors.

Classic blue is this year’s color.  It never leaves us.  It is a timeless and enduring blue hue.  Elegant in its simplicity is what Pantone says.  If you think about it, blue is peaceful, calm, and confident.  It offers refuge.  For all of those who know me, blue is my favorite color, and you will find homes that we have a say in with a lot of blue.   We can mix it with green or we can mix it with the new shades of blush, and I especially like the contrast to painted light walls, such as Dove Wing by Benjamin Moore.  Blue hues are found across the spectrum such as teal, gray blue, classic blue and green blue.  Need I go on?  It is endless what you can do with blues.  Remember those fresh and versatile blues for your next project.