These days every house we go into the homeowner tells me that their guests always hang out in the kitchen.  Houses are being built now to suit the requirements of the woman.  Adding Keeping Rooms is a big trend, even with the remodeling of homes.  The Keeping Room allows more meandering space around the kitchen and normally there is a TV as well.   The secret to a good kitchen plan is like a chef’s best dish: great ingredients.

The  Keeping  Room facilitates family togetherness and easy entertaining.  Lighting is very critical and normally we try to strategically place enough lighting fixtures directly over the island, maximize recessed lighting, include under counter lighting, and a chandelier over the table.  Additional lighting is normal for the Keeping Room as well.    Seating space is also very essential and most remodels and new homes have an island with cozy seating.

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen?  Do your homework and have a good plan before you start.  I would also suggest a professional interior designer to help.  It will be well worth your time and sanity.