Every day is a new beginning for us when we start working on client’s homes. There is so much out there these days with photos everywhere, Pinterest, Houzz, and the internet. What is one to do? For me, it is easy. I have always eyed heritage details and beautiful blues. Blue is my favorite color and I do not mind using a lot of blues in my home. It is a color that makes me happy. But lately, there have been a lot of requests for greens mixed with blues. I do not mind the mix at all. Green is refreshing. Mid-Century Modern has captivated the younger audience because they have never seen it until now. I grew up in a Mid-Century Modern home where there was avocado green, gold, and oranges. For me, I lean toward English, French, and American transitional. I do love the colors from the seventies when I am working on our client’s homes. Pine cabinets and ribbed wood dividers are all part of my past between my own childhood home and my mother’s sister’s home, where I played with my cousins. Certainly, mid-century influenced me, and we had the pleasure of redoing one a few years ago. I love helping clients make the choices of either updated colors and choices or trying to keep the era of their home. Remember, a Fresh Start can begin with the simplest change, paint.