Market is in a few weeks and I always think about the words “Fresh Start” when I go to market for basically fresh ideas.  Fresh ideas for Spring, because we in North Carolina normally start to see signs of Spring before now.  But, daffodils are blooming, and trees are starting to bloom white and pink flowers, so I believe we can officially say we are seeing signs.  Flowers make you feel fresh, and honestly, everyone starts thinking of ways to make their homes feel light bright, and fresh.    Colors in magazines and the internet are showing up to make us more interested in changes and possibly how to change out items in your home to lift the colors.  There are several ways to do it.  The easy way is to change out pillows to colorful up-to-date colors.  Another way is to repaint a room or two.  Paint is basically an economical way to see a change.  It could be the kitchen, sunroom, living room, or a bedroom or two.  Last week we installed bright yellow/gold large geometric canvas curtains in a sunroom and it was an amazing transformation.   The sunroom had a basement under it, so it sat up high and you see the top of the trees.  The trees came to life once the panels were installed on such very large windows.  It really felt like you were floating.  It was such a difference and was very beautiful.  Yellow gold is a lifting color, but as far as style, this color went away for a while.  We are seeing specs resurfacing in pillows, paintings, furnishings, and window treatment fabrics.  Sometimes a color will take a few years to really surface again.  But, again the thought “Fresh Start” came to mind when we finished the job.  I love my job, because I get to see the end of the canvas that we help to create, and I love to make clients happy!