Are you thinking about your next design project and don’t know where to start?  We transform rooms either by using existing furnishings or we purchase new to augment the exiting.  Sometimes our clients prefer all new everything!  They will tell us they want a fresh start and that is why they are hiring us.  We have a team of experienced designers and that makes every job special to us and our clients.  You might ask why, but it is because we have several designers and we are always floating around ideas to make any project special.  Inspiring ideas are around us all the time and it just takes one recipient to benefit.  Whether it is natural surroundings or fabric inspiration, we can complete an ensemble with one little, simple idea.  Our library of fabrics, wallpapers, carpets, rugs, furniture, artwork, lamps, and accessories from all the top manufacturers makes it so easy to give you a Fresh Start.

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