A trip to Atlanta always gets me inspired to change merchandise in the store, change my own home, and to get ideas for our existing clients.  I just completed a five-day trip to Atlanta where I saw high design, antiques, vintage, rugs, artwork, and accessories to name a few.  What amazed me was to find that french furnishings were popping up again.  Another item, off the subject, were gold bangles from the past.  I decided to try my hand at it for our retail store in Clemmons.  I brought back unique l0k, l4k, and l8k gold bangles.   Some are antique which are 75 to l00 years old and some are vintage.  I love them.  I started looking around and at least half of the women were wearing gold bangles, along with other gold jewelry.  I have been so involved with gold accents and lighting that popped up overnight that I never noticed it happened in jewelry again, as well.    My daughter has always preferred gold, so I gave her all of my wonderful and now expensive gold jewelry.    On this trip, I decided to purchase a few gold pieces for myself and now I’m stuck on gold.

Traditional was all over the place at this market.  Of course, if you are really into modern, there are still plenty of modern art, rugs, and furnishings that are new and fresh, as well.    As a matter of fact, I love mixing modern with traditional.  Modern art and fabrics are so easily integrated into your traditional home to give it a fresh look.  To mix and marry some of your older furnishings can be fun, especially with what is coming your way.     Get innovative and add some of these items to your home with purchases made at the Atlanta market by June herself.    If your home is modern, you can add an antique chest or some fantastic piece of the past to your décor.  Give yourself a fresh start!




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