We are in a new year and the word that comes to mind is Fresh. Many of our past clients are calling us to get on our calendar to create a fresh new look. Some are moving, some are getting married, and some are just asking us to reinvent their current residence. After the past two years, we are up for the challenge and welcome all projects. We love what we do and making homes beautiful is in our DNA. A fresh start is what we all want with our homes. I’m no different. I’ve been working on updating my own home for two years now. All of you have experienced the supply and demand challenge and so have we. We are all in the same boat and eventually, merchandise will come in. We have all learned patience whereas before, we could get almost anything in a matter of six to eight weeks. We believe in waiting for the right piece of furniture, artwork, or accessory for your home. It is worth the wait to pull together a well-thought-out and efficient plan. Small changes can yield outsized results. We are pumped to start on this year’s projects.