Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is all around us…trees to decorate, presents to purchase, dinners to plan, and parties to attend.   A few decorating tips…..

Once the tree is up, you know to put the lights on first.  What we do that saves time and fills the tree so nicely is use mesh ribbon, cut in sections of about l8 inches, double it and twist the center section around a middle branch in the tree.  The method is a good filler for bare spots.  Once you twist around a branch, maneuver the ribbon bending to look like ends of bows and streamers.  The attached tree is a good example.   After this task is done all over, start from the center and add ornaments outward.  The tree shown is a 9′ flocked tree that we purchased for this client, and helped her decorate it in her home. 


Here are a few more Christmas trees from over the years.

  Red-and-WhiteRed-and-Blue Red-and-White2 Gold