Projects with style elements for entries and mudrooms can be a fun and easy décor.  To start with, access what you would like to change.  If you wanted to change your mudroom to a light cottage or farmhouse feel, add some shiplap or drop zone seating.  You can also add hooks and baskets for catching the children’s items as they come in.  It’s a great way to organize the items.  I have added board and baton (also, considered wainscoting) before from base molding to ceiling molding.  A rug runner with bright colors would be fun as well.   If the floor needs a lift, maybe consider brick that will not show dirt.   We designed an entry for a farmhouse that utilized the stair case behind the entry wall to add shelving.  We designed the drop zone seating and a cabinet to leave your phone charging, change in the pocket, etc.   Color was added for drama to this little mudroom entry.  It is so easy with color and texture to come up with a design that might be pleasing to your palette.  With all the great colors for this year that each of the paint stores have, you can get creative.  Of course, shiplap can always be white and the color comes in through the rug on the floor.    You might even want to consider a Sunbrella pillow or two on the bench for more drama in geometric and eccentric patterns.  Don’t leave the light fixture out when it can be the icing on the cake.  Just make sure it has enough wattage for adequate lighting.  Whether it’s the mudroom or the front entrance, both are important spaces in your home.  So, don’t forget these rooms when planning your fun and easy projects.