When designing a home office, think about functionality and design, but also a look that is unexpectedly beautiful.  We are not talking about a typical, stuffy office that you would see in a bank, but rather a space that is cozy, pretty, and can inspire your creative thoughts when you are working.  Consider all aspects of the design, such as window treatments, upholstered furnishings, lighting, and floor coverings.  If you have a view of the outdoors, consider placing your desk near the window.  A window with a view provides something to look at and it’s inspiring.  Storage is also key in an office design, because we all need a place to store our clutter.  As designers, we have an endless supply of manufacturers that we source from or we can have something custom built for you.  Lastly, don’t forget the lighting in an office.  Overhead lighting is great, but in an office task lighting is preferred.  It really sets the mood and can help allow those creative juices to flow.  In conclusion, think about what you need and how you want the space to work for you, then give us a call to make it happen!