Starting a kitchen remodel takes some homework. Some of our clients have inspirational photos for us and others have researched and thought through the function of their new kitchen. Hiring a professional makes the task come to fruition. We start with questions: “How do you cook,” “How do you clean,” “What kind of range would you prefer,” “How do you shop,” “Do you need a walk-in pantry”? Questions help us get a new kitchen that works for our client. We visualize the kitchen for our clients and most want a kitchen design that allows for cooking, gathering, and flow. A trend from the past is showing up and that trend is refrigerator and dishwasher-ready panels that match the cabinets. I have always liked the look and it cuts down on the amount of stainless steel. Colors, wood tones, and lots of gold hardware are showing up as well for design. We love all our options. Of course, white never goes out and with white, we are adding hoods with gold trim, gold hardware on the range, and gold light fixtures. If you do not like gold, polished nickel or black accents are options. These days, it is limitless what we can do with the design of a kitchen. Countertops and backsplashes are fun to get creative. Artwork, barstools, and window treatments add to the drama. We love texture and lots of it. Fundamental is easy for us.