When you think of beauty and comfort, what comes to mind? From the look of your front door to the style of your kitchen cabinets, think about what works for you. Walking into a room means finding an inviting place to sit. If there is no comfortable place to sit, I will not stay there very long, no matter how pretty the room may be. People tend to use spaces more if they have an inviting atmosphere, that feels more lived in and makes you feel welcomed.

Clients often do not realize how vital upholstery is to a space. The style and scale of upholstered pieces can anchor the room and define the comfort level of the space. No matter the size of the room, a sense of intimacy can be created. For example, in a living room, we select various colors and textures to create a sense of harmony among the different elements. We may choose the same fabric for a pair of chairs and contrasting upholstery for the sofa. To accentuate the visual comfort, we add throw pillows, artwork, and accessories to create a space that is pleasing to the eye and add bold touches to the design.

To decide what each room needs, we guide clients through the process of thinking about how they’re going to live in their house so that we can ensure that each space will be used to its fullest potential. Going beyond decorating, we want a client’s home to express who they are and how they live. This means choosing furnishings and fabrics that are not only beautiful but are tailor-made to reflect our client’s lifestyle. Whether they have young children, love to entertain frequently, have pets, or work from home, all these factors are things we consider when creating a design that makes your house feel like home.

You know you have the right fit when it feels like home, cozy and comfortable.

God Bless, June