Now that Halloween is over, we move on to the Thanksgiving holiday.    Giving thanks and being grateful is important to family and friends.   The pandemic interrupted most of our lives in some way or another: wedding ceremonies, church, family gatherings, and graduation ceremonies.    Americans love family and love the holidays.  We find ourselves trying to figure out how to entertain the idea of family visiting and how to keep everyone safe.  While our holiday this November might not look like it has in the year’s past, we feel there is joy to come.  More than ever, we are looking forward to loud and boisterous family members having fun around the fire and the Christmas tree.  We have a new grandbaby and cannot wait to enjoy the holidays with her.  Decorating for me is part of the tradition.  Keep your tradition for the upcoming holidays… decorating, having fun doing it, and giving thanks.  We at June DeLugas Interiors, Inc. are giving thanks!