Does your home need a bit of glam to liven it up? Why not try decorating with glass. Yes, you heard us right. Decorating with glass can be a great way to add light to your space, because the light will bounce off the glass onto other areas in the room. Glass has a reflective quality to it and is just beautiful in any space, in our opinions. If you have a small accent table that just needs a special “something” on it, try a glass knot. We have clear knots in our store and teal ones. Even the colored glass works and gives off the same reflective qualities.
Clear glass visually does not have weight. It is that translucent nature that makes it so airy. That is why you see acrylic being used in homes, especially acrylic chairs. They do not have visual weight, which is great in a small space. Of course, glass and acrylic can be used in larger spaces as well. Acrylic gives off a playful, yet chic look.
We have glass accessories, glass bowls, and glass lamps in our retail store. If your space needs that bit of sparkle that only glass can give, stop by today to see all our offerings.