Laying the groundwork for any undertaking is primary, especially for a good design project. It could be a kitchen remodel, a bath remodel, a new home construction, selecting paint colors and accessories, or even furnishing an entire house. As a design firm, we are always on a quest to keep up with the latest trends and make sure we keep our clients projects timeless. That is why we spend time at both the Atlanta Market and the High Point Market. The Atlanta Market has been known in the past for area rugs, tabletops, and gift accessories. Now they have more variety and cater to the designer world. We love going there because we see the newest and best before anyone else. They have developed new design centers showcasing high design and we never miss that floor. The other great aspect of the Atlanta market is they have opened a floor just to antiques dealers. We get a lot of knowledge and familiarity just going to markets. We also invest in designer seminars for a multitude of decorating ideas, blog writing tips, merchandising, and marketing trends, Christmas designs, and more. So, what makes a good design? The answer is a combination of all the aspects that your mind can gather between markets, magazines, on-line websites, kitchen, and design magazines, and much more, thereby, creating a canvas of ideas.