Our clients tell us that the money they spend with us is the best decision they could have made.  We save clients’ money by creating a plan and design from the beginning.  They tell us that when they tried to implement the project on their own, they made costly mistakes that they could not live with.  We answer stressful questions for our clients, and help communicate with builders, especially when the client is living out of state until the house is built.   Recently, I helped a client place furniture in a new home while they were living in a home out of state. We worked strategically while determining what to keep and what to donate.  We devised a plan to put rejected furnishings in the garage for charity.    Otherwise, you put furniture that you plan to get rid of in a house, say on the second floor, and you may live with it longer than anticipated just because of the hassle of getting the piece back down the stairs.

Don’t hesitate to hire a professional when beginning large projects, such as remodeling or building a new home.  You will be surprised at the questions the professionals can answer with the first visit and where you begin to realize Good Design Pays for Itself.