New designer fabrics come in periodically to our retail store and design center from our manufacturers.  Of course, each of us can’t wait to get our hands on the latest styles and colors.  Recently, there was one sample that I quickly pulled away for myself to touch, feel, and decide if it was something I might use on a project for a client.

Next to my desk are project cubes.  I stuck the fabric sample in the nearest bin so I could enjoy it daily to see how I felt about it over the long term.  After six months or so, I decided that I loved it as much as the very first time I had seen it.  From there, I created a new bedroom using these shades of blue, white and tan fabric.  The fabric has an antique feel about it, but is modernized with animals of silvers and tans which warm the blue tones.    My own guest room now has a new look with the simplicity of twin beds, white coverlets, tan duvets, antique lace pillowcases and my favorite, the blue print that started all of this.  Notice the chair from Hickory Chair.  I sent as a COM fabric to them to make the slip-covered chair.  I love this chair.  I also made the shower curtain out of none other than, my favorite blue print.

Finished Bedroom  White and Tan Linens Slipcovered Chair Favorite Blue Fabric!