Every now and then we come up with great ideas.  You know they say, “It takes an army”.  Well we are “the army”.  We put our three design heads together to discuss various ideas when clients come to us for help.  It can either be remodeling an entire room, bedroom suite, kitchen, bath or even a mancave, but the team is always full of great ideas.  The great thing about a design team is you get three for the price of one (at least at our design firm you do).  There is a formal list of questions we ask clients that help us figure out their style and what makes them happy.  Sometimes they know what they like when they see it by showing them samples or renderings.  Sometimes they send us photos of what they have seen on the internet or magazines.  Either way, we make sense of it all and create amazing rooms.    Let’s just say we are all about original solutions for every situation, in other words “solution providers”.

An unusual challenge is always worth our best effort.   As an example, a client asks us to help them downsize.  The client must adjust to the idea of getting rid of years of accumulated possessions, which is not an easy thing to contemplate.  The answer is a presentation of great ideas and a structured plan because we take the emotion out of the situation.