When you are contemplating what you want to do for yourself and there is little time, what do you do?  Last year around October, my contractor that does all of our client’s remodel projects told me he could fix the crack in my bathroom floor.  I had shown it to him about a year before.  I jumped right on it because we are all so busy in our industry.  Well, as fate would have it, the crack went under the cabinet, as well, and all of that had to be removed.  Once the process started, my husband spoke up and said why don’t you just remove the shower since you’ve come this far.  Thus, the remodel began on the master bathroom that started as a repair!  A cabinet fabricator (from Virginia) that I worked with in the past,  said he would like to do some work for my business.  I said, Well, the only thing I have right now is my own”.  So, that is how new beginnings happen.  I ordered my favorite tile, ordered the cabinet, ordered the plumbing for the shower, and then the work began.  I selected the quartz and waited patiently for the cabinet to be installed.  All the flooring and the shower tile was done in a timely fashion.  The shower door, however, could not be made until the quartz ledge was installed.  They cannot template until the cabinet is in, so that was a bit of a delay.  But once the cabinets were installed, the magic happened.  Next, came the mirror install.  Of course, I wanted a very large mirror beveled with a center large sconce attached.   All is done now, and I really love my beautiful bathroom and bedroom.  While remodeling the bathroom, we decided to paint the bedroom, cover the headboard and cover the chairs.  Fresh paint and new fabrics work wonders for any house.  We hung all the pictures, except for one over the bed, and I’m still trying to decide what to do for that.  I really love the painting by Sherry McAdams though, but need to make it bigger and add a frame.  The frame will add another dimension against a very light wall (which I love so much).  The colors are so perfect.  Dark blue shadows the edge of the flowers, which pull my velvet blue chair into the scenario.  The greens, aquas, teals, and golds also work with the custom fabric boudoir pillow on the bed.   To top it off, the painting also goes with my wedding photo and the artwork in the bathroom.  So, I guess it is a no brainer.  A gold frame on a Dove Wing wall will be stunning!


My favorite thing to do is get up in the mornings, open the shutter on the window, sit in my blue velvet chair, and watch the birds fly around in our English garden and courtyard while drinking my coffee.  In the late afternoons, if I happen to be home, you can see the hummingbirds feeding on the flowers.