I have been watching the home décor trends and what the industry experts predict and would love to share what I have learned.  Americans are looking for their homes to be restful and soothing, yet at the same time stylish.  More and more people are interested in creating a refuge that is peaceful, inviting, and easy to maintain.  They want to relax and unwind at the end of the day.  Comfort and functionality are equally important.

Colors are across the spectrum this year with a forecast of lively colors such as sophisticated vibrant greens, citrons, violets, lavenders, salmons, blues of all shades, and believe it or not corals.   I particularly love transforming homes into a living oasis using shades of neutrals –  especially warm creams, gray blues, green blues, and teals – along with bold accent pieces.  These shades are in demand by my customers.  Gilded gold light fixtures and warm golds for plumbing fixtures are on the move into our near future.  I have talked with other designers and they see yellow/gold also emerging as a very versatile color.  Popping up with every shade from lemon-lime to sunlight yellow and citrine, adds attention-getting appeal to any room.  Customers want style that is casual elegance, glamorous, and classic.  We see a huge trend with traditional coming back strong, lots of color accent updates, and clean lines with beautiful symmetry.  Antique prints, local artist’s oil paintings, bench-made furniture of all tones of wood, and hand-painted pieces are some of my favorites.

We are receiving requests for wallpaper and wild patterns. I never thought I would see the comeback of wallpaper, but the young people love grass cloth wallpaper and bold patterns.   The prediction by the experts is that murals, whether wallpaper or hand painted, are making a strong comeback.  I saw some mural scenes at the Atlanta market of modern and historical French reproductions.

If you are planning to update your home with paint colors for the Spring, I would suggest, as a rule, select a fabric or a paint sample both in the daylight. Also, look at fabric at night under artificial light.  It is important to remember that the shade will appear slightly different in each instance.  Natural light coming from a northern exposure is a cold light and accentuates blue and violet.  Natural light, like direct sunlight from the south or west, is a warm light and intensifies yellows, reds, and oranges while neutralizing blues and violets.  Fluorescent light is a real killer for colors because it creates a bluish washed-out look.  Remember the Golden Rule:  colors always change with light.  Use a few select colors that enhance a space and speak to you.  That’s real style.  E-mail your questions to info@junedelugasinteriors.com.