At least a third of our calls are related to clients needing help with updating their kitchens.  I love this challenge.  There are many thousands of decisions to be made when you remodel a kitchen.

*Do we replace the cabinets, re-stain, reface, or just repaint them?

*Do we upgrade the countertops with granite, tile, or solid surfacing?

*What about the wall paper, lighting, flooring, and even the appliances?

Our most recent kitchen remodel was from the early 1980’s where the contractor built the cabinets on site.  These typical contractor-grade cabinets are normally made out of plywood with added moldings and a stain finish.  It was very obvious to me that these cabinets would require replacement.  There is not much you can do that would update them.  Their height is normally too short and the quality is marginal, at best.  We have, on occasion, refaced the existing doors and painted the base to work with a glazed look.

The answer is in the details.  Let’s go shopping; for glittering tile, flirty lighting, touch-me fabrics, and a fabulous “A-Ha” kitchen.  Our fingers can do the walking by layering the details with style in your updated home.