Today I worked with a client that needed granite for an entire new house.  My design process is an ebb and flow, I let the house evolve because normally changes do happen and I have found out things always do not go as planned.  The trends that have been popular have been modern, transitional, but the house today speaks a different language.  We are using refurbished flooring and antique cottage style lighting, but we are throwing a few modern fabrics in just for fun.  So, what do you do when selecting granite for a craftsman cottage style house?  Well, everything I saw in quartz material felt too modern which just did not feel right.  We are using blues and greens throughout the home and painted cabinets in the second kitchen.  The cabinets are the perfect blend of blue and green.  White was just too stark for the countertops.   We went to several granite warehouses and then I saw it, staring me in the face.  The perfect green and blue accented granite and my client saw the excitement in me. We just knew this was the one we were looking for.  The client and I processed it for the next hour as we drove back to get her car.   We both decided that the granite was warm and inviting, just what we thought was needed.   So, granite it will be for this home!   This is how you select granite, it is a feeling!