Dear June,

After being married for over ten years, I find that as Valentines’ Day approaches Cupid needs a little help. What items do you suggest I put on my husband’s sweetheart list?

Lewisville, NC
Happy Valentine’s Day Linda!

Here is my list of “Five Things to Fall in Love with This February!”:

1. Lighting that sets the mood. We have beautiful chandeliers and stunning Schonbek lighting that add instant romance to the most jaded rooms.

2. Bella Notte bedding. The most romantic, comfortable, and earth friendly bedding line. This luscious line comes in a rainbow of fabrics and colors.

3. Sunbrella fabric. Who knew an indoor/outdoor fabric could be so hot! New technology has made it possible to produce weather and water resistant fabric and patterns you won’t believe.

4. Bench Made furniture. Everyone should get excited about furniture that is still being produced in North Carolina. Love your neighbor and support local furniture companies and craftsman who continue the ageless tradition of making one piece of furniture for one person at a time.

5. Fabulous faux. Whether it is the latest, updated faux finishing techniques or a personal mural in your home or on a piece of furniture, let our artist create the perfect love nest.

You also mentioned that you have been married for ten years. Imagine if you and your husband still kept the same clothing and haircuts you had ten years ago. Not a pretty picture. The same goes for the home that you live in each day. If you kept all of the items you have in your home for ten years without many changes, your décor may start to look a little rough around the edges too.

Your “love shack” probably doesn’t need a love doctor as much as it needs a design doctor. Have “Cupid” call today for a consultation or visit our store for a gift certificate that is sure to stir up a litte romance.